kissing sihlouettefamilycommunitree The Conscious Love Revolution is a Movement of Empowered Individuals Choosing a New Way of Being, Loving, & Parenting in the World!

It is our mission to unite the wisdom of our generation and those that came before, so that we may collectively pioneer the path of conscious love.  Many of us did not have positive role models for relationship in our lives, however we now have the opportunity to share our wisdom and experiences with one another so that our relationships may flourish and together we can each rise into our full potential thus activating the entire hologram of human potential.

When we look around we see humanity on the brink of major transformation.  It is our belief that the missing link in manifesting an absolutely healthy, happy, whole, and generative planet and human family lies in our ability to relate to one another in a responsible and compassionate way.

We belief that when we heal our relationships, with ourselves, our partners, our family, our children, and our communities, we create the possibility of a healed world.

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