Fatherhood As A Spiritual Practice

  Fatherhood as a Spiritual Practice

A Study group of Vimala Mcclure’s book:

The Path of Parenting

‘If you’re involved with relationship with parents or children, instead of saying I can’t do spiritual practices because I have children, you say my children are my spiritual practice. You start to use your life as your curriculum for coming to God. You use the things that are on your plate, that are presented to you. So that relationships, economics, psychodynamics—all of these become grist for the mill of awakening. They all are part of your curriculum.’ ~Ram Das 

‘What makes The Path of Parenting so supportive is that it focuses on the parent rather than the child. Vimala McClure reminds us that parenthood is a chosen task (whether consciously or unconsciously), and if performed with love and awareness it can inspire profound spiritual growth.’

This ‘Fatherhood as a Spiritual Practice’ study group was birthed from the deep desire to connect with all of the fathers across the country that have also taken on the “initiation of fatherhood” as a spiritual practice, and a way for me to deepen in my embodiment of these spiritual principles that I long to bring to my fathering in each moment.

Ultimately it’s a way for us papas to connect, align, and support one another in this vast journey within and ahead, and to remind ourselves of our commitments and intentions to bringing consciousness into every way that we father.

We will meet virtually by teleconference once a week for 12 weeks to discuss the 12 Taoist principles described in Vimala McClure’s book, The Path of Parenting. Each week we will do a brief synopsis of the principle and then open the call for person sharing around the implementation of the principles. We will also connect via a private Facebook group to encourage continuous sharing, support and brotherhood.

While we encourage you to buy the book, and make reading a chapter a week part of your self-care ritual, we will synthesize the principles, chapter by chapter, week by week… so if you ‘don’t have time’ to read, you can still participate in the group and deepen your spiritual practice as a Father.

Of course we are all DADS, so we encourage you to listen in and share on the calls while you are with your child/ren.
These principles are about bringing consciousness to each moment, some of which can be chaotic and full, and that’s OK.
This group & book is designed for “pregnant” Dads up to Dads of teenagers.

We will gather virtually, starting sometime during the week of March 30th, which is a New Moon. We will find the most aligned time of the week for the participants that are confirmed.
Confirmation of Participation due by March 16th.

This is a by donation offering!

To confirm your commitment for the collective 12 week journey that we will be taking together.
I invite you to make a donation on a per class/week basis.

I look forward to taking this 12 week journey together!

Thank you for your support and participation!…

Have a blessed day!

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