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Lizzy and JahSun are coaches, guides, facilitators, students, world travelers, adventurers, and lovers of life.  They met while working on a project to build a sustainable community.  They are inspired by the unlimited potential of humanity made possible when we each bring forth our greatest gifts in service to the Whole.  Their lives are in service to helping people get their greatness, and supporting people in collaborative and co-creative endeavors.  Their mission is to remind us all of our Oneness with all things, and to awaken all of humanity to the power of our love and awareness to consciously co-create a world that works for everyone.  They see creating conscious partnerships as a fundamental steppingstone to creating a peaceful existence on the planet for all.  Their big dream is to create a conscious civilization, equipped with permaculture farms, holistic education and healthcare centers, renewable energy systems, conscious birthing and dying temples, and community gathering spaces.  A village to raise the next generation of humans with love and mindfulness, and act as a blueprint model which inspires the world. They are currently living in Asheville North Carolina with their baby daughter, Sophia Maitreya Sol.


   Lizzy (Elizabeth Isis Ziogas), born and raised in Connecticut, spent 2 years after college living and volunteer teaching abroad in Paraguay, a third world country in South America.  Being in Paraguay woke her up to the importance of accessing the roots of societal epidemics and working there to create sustainable solutions.  Her healing and self transformation work began when she moved to San Francisco and worked for Cafe Gratitude.  She has completed the Cafe Gratitude School of Transformation Curriculum, Landmark Education, Yoga teacher training, and has participated in women’s circles, sweat lodges, ceremonies, and vision quests regularly for the past 7 years.  Her teachers include Matthew and Terces Engelhart, Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, David Deida, and Gay and Katie Hendricks.  Her path has led her to share the journey of self-empowerment and inner transformation, conscious communication and relationships. She is also a mother, conscious birth advocate, doula, and post-partum mother’s circle facilitator.


  JahSun (Jason Howard Martini), born and raised in Ohio, spent ten years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force with various responsibilities, including deputy of management operations for the 500-person, multinational, and multi-billion dollar GPS program office. His graduate degree is in organizational leadership and development and he initiated through the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training Adventure in 2001. He has been involved with the Men of the Code, Agoge Trainings and Wisdom Circles as well as ceremonies, activations, and initiations throughout the world. Those lineages include the Mayan, Incan, Shipibo, Q’ero, Hopi, Lakota, Tibetan, Maori, Deer Tribe, and Order of Melchezidek. He is also a conscious birth advocate, father, and facilitator of father circles.

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