Is Your Relationship Joyful, Fulfilling, Co-Creative, and Empowering?

Conscious Love Has the Power to Transform the World.

Join the Conscious Love Revolution Today and Upgrade to the Relationship you Know is Possible!

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Conscious Love 101

Refresh Your Relationship with this Intimate & Playful Course

In this 2 week, FREE e-course, we will be sharing with you, some candid moments & helpful tips from the frontlines of our relationship, and offering exercises, and home’play’ to support YOU and your partner in: Creating a solid foundation upon which to build your relationship AND Remembering how you can continue to have the fulfilling conscious partnership that you have already built, and make it even juicier!

In this FREE course, you will:

  • Experience more fulfillment, happiness, and LOVE.
  • Create a shared purpose for your relationship.
  • Remember what makes YOU whole and happy.
  • Notice your needs being met.
  • Be more attracted to your partner.
  • Learn tools for navigating triggers.
  • Create deeper safety, trust and intimacy.
  • Learn daily practices that will continue to support you 365 days a year.

If you apply the insights and practices from this coursework into your relationship, we PROMISE that by next week you will be, happier, more fulfilled, and experiencing more LOVE in your life and in your relationship.

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In Service to the Revolution of Conscious Love on the Planet,

Lizzy & JahSun